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Can you buy cannabis seeds on Amazon If you have thought about purchasing cannabis seeds online, you may have thought about using Amazon to do so. There are a few factors to take into Amazon says it will no longer test jobseekers for marijuana use. After twenty years in the Eugene cannabis community, we formed Amazon Organics or AO to offer an authentic perspective on cannabis products. Our large curated selection is a reflection of our experience.

Can you buy cannabis seeds on Amazon

If you have thought about purchasing cannabis seeds online, you may have thought about using Amazon to do so. There are a few factors to take into consideration, this may include whether it’s legal or illegal to buy and sell cannabis seeds on Amazon, where else you can legally purchase seeds, and also how to ensure you buy the best quality cannabis seeds, most suited to your needs.

Are Cannabis seeds sold on Amazon?

Although it seems like Amazon is the go to marketplace for almost anything, they do not currently sell cannabis seeds or cannabis products. Amazon also does not sell CBD products, as the site prohibits the sale of any product that contains a controlled substance. On occasion, a person may list one of these products and even get a few sales, but once the Amazon staff find the listing it will be closed down and the seller’s account will be banned for life.

Is it legal for Amazon to sell Cannabis seeds?

Cannabis seeds are legal to buy and possess in many countries and states, however, Amazon must work within federal laws. The federal law states that it is illegal to sell and germinate cannabis seeds.

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Amazon’s policy states that they do not sell any products containing a controlled substance. The federal law classes cannabis in any form as a controlled substance. Amazon will only start to sell cannabis seeds and related products if the federal laws change.

Where can you legally purchase cannabis seeds?

There are many reputable online seedbanks that can ship seeds worldwide, right here at Sticky seeds we have a variety of strains available. Our huge variety ensures that each customer can find the best strain for their preference.

Amazon says it will no longer test jobseekers for marijuana use

Amazon recently updated its policy, only allowing seeds to be sold by U.S. sellers after unsolicited packages containing random seeds were sent to United States residents, according to the USDA.

NEW YORK (AP) – Amazon said Tuesday that it will stop testing jobseekers for marijuana.

The company, the second-largest private employer in the U.S. behind Walmart, is making the change as states legalize cannabis or introduce laws banning employers from testing for it.

In March, a New York man sued Amazon, saying the company rescinded his job offer at an Amazon warehouse because he tested positive for marijuana, even though the city banned employers from testing job applicants for cannabis in 2020.

Amazon said in a blog post that it will still test workers for other drugs and conduct “impairment checks” on the job. And the company said some roles may still require a cannabis test in line with Department of Transportation regulations.

Seattle-based Amazon also said Tuesday that it will support the federal legalization of marijuana by pushing lawmakers to pass the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act of 2021.

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Are you over 21?

We at AO Oregon would like to take a minute to update you, our customers and our community, on what we are doing to adjust to the new realities we are facing. To reduce the amount of person-to-person contact within our store we have made the following adjustments to our business, all with the goal of keeping you, and us, healthy.

We have increased our fleet and reorganized our staff to more efficiently handle delivery orders with very fast turnaround times. CASH TRANSACTIONS: PLEASE HAVE EXACT CHANGE READY.

In an effort to increase social distancing we are now offering curbside pick-up. Put your car make/model in the order notes and head over when notified that your order is ready. Call us when you arrive we will bring your order out to you in our parking lot.

Currently our showroom is open to you for your shopping needs. To ensure that we can continue to do so, we are asking for your help.

• If you or someone you live with have been exposed to or has symptoms of a cold or flue, etc. Please do not enter the store.
• When inside the store please maintain a healthy distance from other customers.
• Please do not open any jars while at the counter. If you would like to see the flower in the jar, we will help facilitate that.

Please check back for updates. Our protocols and services may change as new information becomes available.

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AO Oregon thanks you for your assistance keeping things as safe as possible. We love our community and hope to continue to serve you.

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