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Common Questions

Upon receiving payment Cheeba's will prepare and ship your order. Orders placed and paid for before Noon Pacific Time will be shipped out same day. We do everything we can to process orders on the same business day. When we experience very heavy volume we may not ship until the next business day. These are rare occasions. Orders processed on weekends and holidays will ship the next business day. Cheebas has free shipping automatically applied at checkout for orders $200+ (before tax). Orders less than that threshold have a flat rate fee of $18.50. We ship Canada Wide to any adult of legal age in their respective province or territory. We utilize Canada Post express post service with tracking. Canada Post express post service typically takes 2-3 business days to most major city centres in Canada and 3-5 business days to rural locations. We do not ship on weekends or holidays.
Cheebas will cover your order until it gets into your hands. If there is a problem in the post, we will replace the order. Each order is photographed to ensure your package is complete and correct.
Sativa. Sativas tend to give a more energetic, cerebral high than Indicas, which are known for 'couch-locking' effects. The best way to remember is this- Indica= In-Da-Couch
If you seek the psychoactive effects of pot, then you can't really get away from the 'high' part. Paranoia can be made worse with the wrong strain. A heavy indica that brings you to the depths of your soul isn't what you should be smoking. That strain family carries more medicinal properties, generally speaking, from a physical point of view. But if you want to smoke, then smoke a Sativa. The mood is more upbeat, and there's a happy, energetic rush that usually follows any good sativa.
Yes you can! This revolutionary way to buy weed has been going on for almost a decade. At first, no one could believe it was that easy, but it’s true and people are now comfortable doing so here is even a huge marketplace for various forms of marijuana. bud, concentrates, topicals, pills, edibles- everything is now readily available online.Find the supplier that you like most (Cheeba’s is pretty good, I hear) and try small samples of the stock. Find the strain that suits you best and medicate as required.
Here is the statuses for your order in various stages of production" Pending - order has been received successfully from the customer. Processing - Cheebas has received the email money transfer payment and we are now preparing your order to be shipped. Auto Payment recieved - Your payment has been received by our automated process and has been moved to advanced processing. Please note, orders processed on weekends and holidays will not ship until the next business day. Shipped - Cheeba's has transferred your discretley packed vacuum sealed package to Canada Post for express post delivery service. You will also receive a tracking number at this time that will allow you to follow the package on its way to you. Express post delivery service generally takes 2-3 business days to most major city centers within Canada, and 3-5 days to most rural locations in Canada. The tracking number may not register until the next business day of your order. The packages are marked 'shipped' when packing is complete, not when it is at Canada post.

Other Questions

If you require a signature for delivery, Canada post will not leave the package in your mailbox. If you are not home when the post arrives, you will need to pick up your package from the post office. If you live in an apartment complex that has been broken into or for some reason feel unsafe to have the package dropped directly in your mailbox, this is a good option for you. If a package has been lost or stolen by Post Office worker( this is very very rare) Cheeba’s will replace your order. If you want the package to be left in your mailbox, then please do not opt for the signature. If it has been marked by Canada Post as delivered and you say you did not receive it; we have grounds to not replace your order. We are reasonable and understand things happen. If this unlikely situation arrises, we will deal with it on a case by case basis. On larger orders, we may add a signature upon delivery at our discretion.
Canada Post occasionally uses third party airlines to deliver packages in rural communities. These parties occasionally have the right to open the packages to inspect for safety reasons. Due to this fact, we have packages seized more than usual from these regions. Cheeba’s is still happy to serve all Canadians, but for those in these areas, you must accept some delivery risk too.
Looks like the Fun Police have cracked down on a few spots in the North. These areas are at the highest risk for search and seizure. We will ship to these areas, but will not resend a seized order. it is at your own risk.
As of February 12th 2020 Cheebas will be discontinuing the Refer a Friend program. All existing credits issued will remain active as usual for 1 year since the date of issue. We have decided it’s time to bring in a new and exciting program that will have a higher engagement rate. As always, we thank you for sending your friends our way. We will have updates on the new program rollout in the near future.
Cheebas prefers to frequently run big sales over having discount codes. This way we can offer a better savings to the customer. Sale items are based on a variety of factors such as inventory on hand and any volume discount we get from the manufacturer or cultivator (we like to pass the savings back to you). We strive to have most sales contain a wide variety of items from the site so there is something for everyone. Sorry, no rain-checks. Sale prices cannot be applied retroactively to past or recently placed orders. No credit will be applied for past or recently placed orders. First come, first serve. While supplies last.
Cheebas clients can expect a response about any feedback you have within one business day (usually much sooner). We will answer all emails in the sequence they are received so there is no need to send several emails regarding the same subject.