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Star Killer strain

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Star Killer | Rare Dankness Seeds

Star Killer by Rare Dankness is a regular cannabis seed that has its origins in the crossing of a Skywalker OG Kush and an RD #2. The Star Killer strain develops a small to medium sized but very stable indica-dominant marijuana plant that produces generous crops of large, compact and resinous buds in a remarkably short time. Look forward to dense, purple-colored buds! Overall, the plant is a bit stockier than her OG sisters.

Lovers of true OG quality will get their money’s worth! The cannabis plant can be ideally grown indoors in small spaces, as the plant only grows from rather small stature. Outdoors, the hemp plant then thrives magnificently when planted in a warm, Mediterranean climate or in a greenhouse. So the plant thrives in both indoor and outdoor growing. Star Killer likes it cozy and warm but not hot. Neither does it appreciate too high a PH level in the soil.

Due to its intense fragrance, the use of activated carbon filters is strongly advised, your neighbors will thank you!

The taste and aroma of Star Killer comes to the fore with hints of lemon, exotic woods and fuel notes.

Rare Dankness Seeds

Rare Dankness is a cannabis seed bank that started in 2010 after the Rare Dankness team had already gained many years of cannabis growing, collecting, preserving, and experimenting with many different marijuana strain varieties. Rare Dankness has worked with some highly sought after and coveted cannabis genetics thanks to their global network of elite canna-community friends! Not attempting to replicate cannabis “mothers””, instead, Rare Dankness’s work intends to breed with superior cannabis males to improve upon preexisting genetics. Rare Dankness aims to supply high-grade genetics to the Medical Marijuana community and believes that the road to legalization is education.

501st OG, Ghost Train Haze #1, Jenny Kush, Moonshine Haze, and the oddly named ‘Ox Piss’ are some of the most popular names in the Rare Dankness cannabis seeds range – and you’ll find them all and more here at Seed City, where ultra-low prices and discreet shipping are guaranteed.

Colorado has been the birthplace of many successful cannabis endeavors, and they have a thriving cannabis community as well. Since 2010, Rare Dankness has been cultivating their craft, gathering different strains, preserving the best ones, and experimenting with their own range of strain varieties. When passion combines with expertise and experience, you get a company like Rare Dankness.

Rare Dankness prides themselves on their business practices. By keeping their friends close through a global community and network, they have been able to do what many seek to do – gather and preserve some of the dankest rare cannabis seed strains available. Today’s cannabis market has brought us a plethora of strains and new products in what is quickly becoming a saturated industry. And while the sheer volume of strains and diversity of products help us to have access to cannabis-related goodies that we could have only dreamed of a few short years ago, it also means that we run the risk of losing the original OGs. What we mean by this is that with so much cross-breeding and a constant eye and investment on new strains and products, we run the risk of burying some of the traditional strains. Many strains were rare even before the marijuana industry became so saturated. But now, we are faced with an even greater chance of losing some of the pillar strains that helped to make the marijuana industry what it is.

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But thanks to seed breeders like Rare Dankness, rare genetics remain available. Rare Dankness has gone through the trouble of sourcing these genetics for us, and we can rest easy knowing that some of the most remarkable and most rare seed strains are available at the click of a button. Rare Dankness offers an extensive array of strains – from new strains to strain genetics that span over the course of thirty years. But Rare Dankness cannabis strains are not only collected – but they are also master craft breeders too. Since 2010, Rare Dankness has not only been collecting the most sought after and rare cannabis seeds but has worked tirelessly to create top-shelf quality cannabis seed strains too.

More About Rare Dankness Cannabis Seed Strains Online

Rare Dankness does not go into their breeding lab blindly. Instead of merely replicating and copying the mother plants, they work to complement the superior genetics that they have found by using excellent males as breeding partners.

The company’s mission is to be a pillar for the marijuana industry by providing top-notch quality cannabis genes, which they find through their tireless collection. Not to only keep these for themselves – but to provide the cannabis community with these superior cannabis seeds and genetics too. This is especially important for the medical marijuana community, where quality should be the most important benchmark.

On that note, Rare Dankness is popular amongst the medical marijuana community for this very reason. Medical marijuana patreons need to be able to rely on their supplier. Quality is of paramount importance for a sustainable industry, and users need to be able to feel safe and comfortable that the bud they are getting is quality. Aside from that, Rare Dankness strives to be an educational resource for the legal industry so that their customers can rely on the information presented with each and every strain.

The original Rare Dankness headquarters may be based in Colorado, but they have launched a sister company called RD Genetics. If you are looking for Rare Dankness outside of Colorado, you may be hard-pressed to find their seeds as they only breed their cannabis seeds in Colorado. RD Genetics was founded to offer their expertise to the global community, and their strains are cultivated in the local soil of Spain. So, whether you are looking for dank rare cannabis seed strains online in Europe or Colorado, you can find the best cannabis seed strains from RD Genetics and Rare Dankness online, right here at Seed City.

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Best Rare Dankness Cannabis Seed Strains

Most of this company’s cannabis seed strains received plenty of praise and adoration. But there are a handful of weed seed strains that deserve an honorable mention. Most of their strains are popular in the cannabis community, in Colorado, Europe, and the global marijuana market in general. And the strains only seem to be going from strength to strength – making any Rare Dankness cannabis seed strain a worthy (and dare we say essential) addition to your cannabis seed collection.

The most popular Rare Dankness seeds are Midas Regular and Moonshine Haze, amongst other strains. The latter, the moonshine Haze, is a deliciously fruity blend that is ideal for those looking for a burst of creativity and a push for productivity. On the other hand, the Midas Touch is a heavy yielding strain variety that is famous for its gigantic heads and an unbeatable flavor and aroma. Both strains are available right here at Seed City and should definitely be on your bucket list of cannabis seed strain collectibles.

Buy your Rare Dankness seed strains today and see why this seed breeder will only go from strength to strength. When a company is so passionate about a healthy cannabis market and passionate about their craft – it only makes sense to support themm as you know you will get some of the dankest strains on the market.

Buy Rare Dankness Seeds from Seed City now and experience some of the best regular strains that Colorado has to offer.

5 Of The Rarest Weed Strains on Earth

Every once in a while, weed enthusiasts will claim to have come across a strain like no other. Most people will have no clue about the particular strain in question and a discussion on whether that particular strain really exist or not will often occurs. But, do these these ‘mythical’ and ‘elusive’ strains really exist or are they just figments of people’s imaginations.

One thing we can agree on is that there are certain weed strains that are really hard to come by. If you get your supply of cannabis from your local hemp store, you’ll most certainly have an idea of which strains are less common than others. Some weed strains even have some sort of ‘legendary’ status because of how rare they are. Some people even come across these rare strains without knowing it, often requiring the insight of other parties to recognize what is before them.

Most rare weed strains happen to be the most expensive cannabis products on the market. However, not all rare strains are super expensive – some are actually quite affordable if you do find them. Listed below are some of the rarest weed strains that you’ve probably never heard about.

1. Black African Magic

You’ll not find the Black African Magic in many cannabis stores across the country. This is one of the rarest cannabis strains on the planet. However, it is one of the most easily distinguishable strains due to its black to dark brown color. Its unique color makes it easy to recognize from all other strains on earth. Weed enthusiasts who swear by this strain claim that it is highly potent and rich in flavor. So, if you do manage to get your hands on Black African Magic, you should count yourself as one of the lucky few. It’s simply too rare to stumble upon by chance.

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2. Oaxacan Highland

The Oaxacan Highland can easily be mistaken for a different plant other than weed. This strain has a really unconventional look that is quite different from what many people expect from a typical hemp plant. Oaxacan Highland is actually one of the oldest weed strains on record. The actual plant grows to heights of up to 12 feet. The strain was quite popular in the 60s and 70s, but it’s nowhere to be seen in today’s world. Some people claim that the strain almost became extinct because of overwhelming hostility in the cartel-controlled areas it was cultivated in.

3. Panama Red

Panama Red is easily recognizable by its bright colored red accents. Weed enthusiasts from way back know this strain to be the purest sativa on the planet. Availability of Panama Red has reduced over the years due to the prevalence of hybrids on the market. Not many people look for pure weed strains any more. Cannabis hybrids are the buzz now and although Panama Red is still grown in some parts of North American, it is considered old and outdated by millenials. Because of this, the strain is gradually becoming rarer by the day.

3. Puna Budder

Another very rare cannabis strain is Puna Budder. This strain was also very popular back in the good old days. If you were alive in the 60s and 70s, you can probably attest to the fact that Puna Budder was one of the ‘coolest’ strains available. The strain attracted a lot of attention from law agencies leading to severe crackdowns in major cities and towns. Fast forward to today, the strain is very hard to find in most cannabis stores. Those who still have access to this strain must be very good at keeping secrets.

4. Hindu Kush

A comprehensive list of rare weed strains would not be complete without mentioning Hindu Kush. You have probably heard of Hindu Kush and it’s amazing qualities, but have never had the chance to see or enjoy it. Well, there is no reason to worry as you are definitely not alone. The strain is said to have a 100% indica rating that many people would die for. Hindu kush is not common in cannabis shops. If you are lucky to find it, you’ll definitely have to pay the price. On top of being one of the rarest strains, Hindu Kush is also one of the purest.

5. Malawi Gold

This strain that is named after a county in Africa is also quite rare. It’s rarity is almost at the mythical or legendary level because no one seems to have seen it. Apparently Malawi Gold has been around for centuries and is easily recognizable by its distinct golden hue. This does not mean that any hemp plant that has a golden or light-brown hue is Malawi Gold. You would be surprised how many people are misled or conned this way. Malawi Gold is simply special. It’s rarity can be attributed to its extremely difficult cultivation and harvesting process.

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